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Let’s learn how to knit-an excellent activity to help with math skills, coordination and problem solving. And it’s FUN!!!!!

We will explore paper and all it can do....airplanes, theaters, sculpture and more. What else can paper do? Lots of fun and lots of freedom to explore (with no mess)!!

Through enriching and stimulating art workshops, students gain valuable skills and have fun, all while creating art from re-purposed, recycled and eco-friendly materials.

We use recycled and repurposed materials to sew bags, pillow and anything else we can think of! Excellent for developing creativity, fine motor skills and patience. We are surrounded by materials....so sew!

Paper Arts!

So? Sew!!

Sample classes!(Just a few....we have lots more!)


GoldMind Arts and Kids is available for in-school and after-school workshops.

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We encourage students to think “outside the box” - every student works according to their own visions and this leads to unique and creative art - no two come out the same! The focus is on possibilities, and not limitations - the real benefits of working in and with the arts. Instead of looking for cookie-cutter end products, GoldMind Arts works with every student to encourage their individuality, creativity and dreams.                                                                          

GoldMind ArtsandKids

GoldMind Arts And Kids is dedicated to improving quality of life through the arts.

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